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About DIX: Team

The following persons are the driving forces for this dictionary.
Their work is the basis for the growth and improvement of this website.
We also would like to thank all the users for their suggestions for new translations!

Dr. Raimundo SierraOriginal idea, configuration, implentation and maintenance of the dictionarySince 4.2003
 Currently living in Philadelphia, USA, childhood in Chile, then moved to Switzerland.
Co-founder of VirtaMed, a company that develops and markets high fidelity surgical training simulators.
Private Webpage: www.rsierra.com
Dr. David HausheerTechnical support, Server administrationSince 4.2003
 Postdoc at the University of Zurich, Department of Informatics (IFI). Private Webpage: hausheer.osola.com
Timo ProescholdtTechnical supportSince 10.2005
 Computer Science Student at the LMU Mnchen. Learned Spanisch in Spain: Catalonia and Barcelona. Private Webpage: www.proescholdt.de
Dr. Eva JudChecking of incoming translations Since 4.2006
 Swiss, lived several years in the USA, currently in Boston as a PostDoc at MIT.
Ph.D. in material science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Winfried HonigInitial vocabulary4.2006
 Winfried Honig, alias Mr. Honey provided us the initial vocabulary for this dictionary. We are very grateful his invaluable contribution!
Corina KuenzerChecking of incoming translations Since 7.2006
 Translator (M.A.) for German, English and Spanish
Lived in the USA and UK
Al SuerteEditorSince 3.2008
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New DesignAug 20th, 2007
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Welcome to DIX, the online English-German dictionaryApr 8th, 2006
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So far 83815783 requests have been made.

About DIX: Vocabulary

This dictionary contains 234998 english and 208632 german terms.
In total: 443630 terms

This dictionary contains 387198 translations.
On average, the dictionary suggests 1.75 translations for each term.

Last update of the vocabulary: July 22nd, 2013

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